Monday, June 15, 2009


Love the combination of photo and illustration in this German print ad for whipped cream circa 1979. I can't help but wonder where that t-shirt is right now... Art direction by Bayerische Milchwirtschaft.


Matt said...

...probably very faded in a Las Vegas Goodwill.

very nice find!

Scott said...

"Whipped cream: the delicious, easy, light topping."

Jeremy said...

Is that GRIZZLY?

too sexy

Mike Davis said...

Looks like Kabel.

Juice said...

Yeah I see Kabel too.

Anyone speak German?
I want to know what this says..

So far I getting:
Impact cream
the easy crown!

Impact cream
the light crown!

Impact cream
the lecker loosely light crown!


Mike Davis said...

Juice - see Scott's comment above for the translation.