Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Anthony Forster

Came across some outstanding typographic work from UK-based artist Anthony Forster, who is now creating watercolor dog and horse paintings.* But let's focus on his '70s type work!

* On October 3, 2011 I received an email from Anthony's son Dan Forster telling me I had mixed up my Anthony Forsters! The watercolor artist I had mentioned earlier is NOT the same artist who created all of the lettering in my post here. Keep an eye on Dan's blog for updates with more design work from his dad in the near future. Thanks Dan!


Gregory Hubacek said...

"blitz" = Holy shit that's good.

Mike Davis said...

Right? I can't seem to get over THE FIELDS.

Part of me is like "What a Lubalin ripoff" but the other part of me is like "Well, Lubalin only designed SO MUCH STUFF in his lifetime. It's nice to see some other well-designed type in the same vein."

On the same note, I'm not one bit mad at Pentagram for sounding exactly like Black Sabbath.

Jeremy said...

holy fuuuuuck!
Seriously amazing, thanks mike.
His watercolors are pretty nice too actually, wonder if he did any funky weird ones back when he was drawing this type? Should write him a letter and ask him to dig some stuff up.

David said...

So Sick...All of it.

Will_Bryant said...

really rad!

can't get over his watercolors (quite impressive) but absolutely ridiculous.

anthony mastered it all.