Monday, September 13, 2010

Groovy Matchbook Covers

Check out this super hot series of sports illustration matchbook covers found on Flickr. Thanks to Heath Harris for passing along the link.

Throw yourself waaaaay off schedule today by spending some time looking at the rest of this series as well as many many more fantastic vintage matchbook covers uploaded to to Flickr by Agence Eureka


Anonymous said...

Ever heard of Shawn Wolfe?
Check his work out at

By the way, I like your style...

Coming ro Seattle soon?

- Jason McHenry

Mike Davis said...

Yes! I've been a pretty big of Shawn's work since discovering his "Uncanny" book a few years ago and then seeing some of his paintings when I lived in Portland shortly after that. I'd love to see some more recent work from him - I'll be on the lookout.

I'll probably be back in Seattle for Bumbershoot!

Thanks Jason!