Monday, December 30, 2013

Cliff Spohn and the Art of Atari

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A lot of folks my age grew up with Atari. Those brightly-colored, but incredibly basic rectangular graphics flashing across our TV sets sustained our vast attention spans and transported us to different dimensions. If it weren't for the brilliant artwork on the game's boxes, though, we may have had no idea what the actual game graphics were supposed to represent. American painter Cliff Spohn created a great amount of artwork for Atari, and, to be honest, I never knew his name until I saw my friend Sam Smith mention his name as the artist for the Computer Chess film poster. Finally - a name and face to go with all of these gorgeous paintings! Have a look at some of my favorites from Cliff's huge portfolio of work.

Some of his non-Atari work:

Click images for larger view:

Check out much much more of Cliff's beautiful work over at Fine Art America.

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Unknown said...

Nice article on a very cool guy. One correction -- the 2nd image (Defender) was not created by Cliff. That is a piece by Steve Hendricks.