Wednesday, August 27, 2008

OPP: Adam R. Garcia

Why should I be the only guy showing stuff around here? From time to time I'll be passing the torch to friends and colleagues to let them share some inspiring and era-appropriate graphics.

I'm starting things off with a submission from my close friend Adam R. Garcia. Bred in Minnesota and now living on the mean streets of Philadelphia, Adam is a true renaissance man. He can draw, design, sing, rap, dance in just one show. He's a dedicated artist, constantly pushing himself to go bigger and deffer than before.

Please go see his design and art portfolio: The Pressure

And now, ladies and gentlemen, Adam Ramon Garcia...

Signs + Emblems by Erhardt D. Stiebner and Dieter Urban

I found out about this book from my ex-professor Kindra Murphy. It's a small but solid 355-page tome of some of the best logos from the late 1960s, 70s and early 1980s. Out of print, the paperback version ran me about $50 off Ebay, and made its money back in inspiration about 14 minutes.


w said...

So sick

Sam's Myth said...


james stacher said...

Wow! Just grabbed a copy for $38 with the help of used book search. Thanks for posting this, cant wait to see the 400 pages.

Anonymous said...

This is one expensive little book. Won't someone scan it and put it somewhere online? I've seen that done on many design blogs.

Mike Davis said...

New design books cost $30 or $40 and are only about 100 or 200 pages tops. This is 355 pages and just $10 more than that plus it looks like it's 100% heat! Adam can we get an Amen?

MARIA H said...

Adam, Adam, Adam!
you old dirty designer!
Love ya!
-the same old Maria H.