Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eating Weekends.

This is a series of editorial illustrations from an article about travel and regional foods. The article, Eating Weekends, is from the January 1979 issue of Diversion Magazine, described as being "For Physicians at Leisure." My father, a physician, likes to keep magazine clippings if he finds the subject matter to be interesting (or perhaps leisurely) or if there are cool illustrations or photos in it. Throughout the course of this blog, there are going to be a huge number of pieces I've acquired due to his packrat tendencies.

Thanks Dad!

I don't know who did these illustrations as there was no credit in the pages I had, so if anybody knows, please share the info!

Click each image for larger view.

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Sam's Myth said...

I was just about to ask -- where do you find all this stuff? Cheers to dads and their eccentric collections everywhere.

I'm so happy this blog exists, and I hope you post every day.