Monday, October 6, 2008

OPP: Leon Ferri

Last week, I got a submission from Pileup reader Leon Ferri. He sent in some photos of this great book he found at a thrift store and it's fully worth sharing. So many of these old book covers make me want to throw the "Don't judge a book by its cover" rule out the window ... I mean look how fresh this is!

Helvetica Bold + simple line illustrations = How to get me to look at your book cover.

I'm not mad at this illustration style either.

Thanks Leon! You can catch him DJing each and every Friday night online at WCDB 90.9FM when he brings you the best new wave '80s music program you can find in Albany NY!


j-rome said...

the book cover is nice but i don't like how the "T" and "h" are overlapping. could have hand kerned it in my opinion. but it's still quite nice.

Mike Davis said...

Ha - I didn't notice that. I guess a) they had to get all of the type fit in that column with the illustrations while maintaining consistent letterspacing and b) it was the age of fucking with experimental kerning and c) that teapot ain't gonna budge.

Unknown said...
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Juice said...

I bought this book last week at a tiny store here in Toronto on Queen Street that just sells random junk. I saw just a couple of letters on the cover under a huge pile of things but knew it was it. after $10 and a lot of stacking I finally had this totally sweet book and it's in excellent condition. and it contains valuable information on how things work and what to do when they don't.