Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Judge's (designed by David Leigh)

VS L'eggs (designed by Herb Lubalin)


Sam's Myth said...

After much deliberation I'm goin with Judge's

Jeremy said...

L'Eggs... no contest, slick LE angle and double g. Just way to well thought out, fits together nicely and makes sense. Master Lube

The original "egg" packaging for them was pretty sweet, i guess they just recently switched to cardboard... weak. I couldnt find any great examples of the old packaging to share though sorry.

Mike Davis said...

Sam, I need to hear you to make your case for Judge's!

Delicious Industries said...

L'Eggs! - no contest for me. The 'u' on Judge's lets it down in my mind.

Sam's Myth said...

L'eggs is the obvious pic. The Le slant (plus its match with the cut on the g) is tight for sure. But something about the apostrophe throws me off. I'd be curious to see it shifted to the left just slightly, eliminating the eyesore of a gab between it and the L. That's just me though.

Yeah, the Judge's u is kinda wack. The d almost makes up for it though. Gimme a break, I'm trying to root for the underdog here.

I hope Logo Wars will become a regular feature.

Mike Davis said...

The deciding factor: THE Gs LOOK LIKE LEGS!

I'll try to find more logos to duke it out again! Nice to see you're all into it. Thanks for taking part in Logo Wars!

Jeremy said...

The Gs look like a firm booty

Mike Davis said...



Juice said...

I've always been a fan of Lubalin, but I don't know David Leigh.

L'eggs is the obvious choice. Judge's just seems like an uncomfortable rip-off (or unsuccessful tribute)

Does anyone know anything about Leigh here? Was it meant to be a tribute?

And I vote for this logo wars to become a regular feature as well. Terrific idea.