Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night '72

I hope all of the American readers here have either voted or plan to go vote today.

Here's something topical... news footage from election night on 1972 Washington DC's CBS affiliate station WTOP. Never mind Nixon's victory, check out the super stylized typography and killer set designs.

This one is pretty scuzzy, but still worth watching:


Jeremy said...

doubt our grandkid designers will look back at recent election coverage footage and drool... atleast I hope they dont hahaha

Armpit Studios said...

The guy standing on the riser in that local news section sounded a lot like Col. Henry Blake. It made me kinda giggle just listening to him.

Too bad the wrong presidential candidate won last night.

Mike Davis said...

The wrong candidate? Who was supposed to win? The lying, Bush-hugging, healthcare-eliminating, war-mongering, oil company-appeasing racist with a year left to live and would then pass all authorities off to the wolf-destroying, women's rights-ignoring non-reader who doesn't know which countries are involved in NAFTA and is married to the guy who hates America so much that he wants his homestate removed from it? Take that shit to michellebachmann.blogspot.com

Sam's Myth said...


Moderator said...

The national broadcast part is chock full o' Lubalin/Dorfsman GREATNESS!!!