Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good Day Brazil

Beautiful motion graphics piece for Brazilian television, 1983. The final frame is by far the best - a great illustration of Brazil made up of those rainbow stripes seen moving all around throughout the piece. I'd rock a t-shirt of that.


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Unknown said...

the brain behind this one is Hans Donner.... this one is a very good piece, but he is best know for his over-saturated creations and very lame design.... this one in special is a news show that air every morning all over the country. not all of his works are good as this one...
he is responsible for the visual identity of Globo TV, since it's begining, when they had support from the military dictature that broke the country in the 60/70/80.
They largely supported the military government, and helped them to kill thousands of people and took away the civil liberties and rights of everyone here. even today, they work against the best interest of the brazilian people, helping to maintain the dumbness and acommodation of the lower classes, sustaining an elitist status quo that strips the country of it's cultural, spiritual and material richness. in short... i don't like him very much... or globo itself.

but this blog rocks! congrats!

best regards & peace!

Mike Davis said...

Wow, thanks for all the info Navida!!! When I posted a bunch of TV Globo graphics back in August, another reader from Brazil expressed his dislike for TV Globo being "stuck in the past" as far as using "retro" graphics throughout the 1990s, but I had no idea the story was so heavy!

So TV Globo is kinda like your version of America's incredibly one-sided propaganda station Fox News I guess?