Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Leo Puzzle

Wezz from Burlesque found this crazy psychedelic puzzle in a thrift store in rural Minnesota about a year ago and gave it to me. It's from 1970 and the packaging is gorgeous. I have yet to unseal it, but if I get enough requests here, who knows... perhaps I'll crack it open and see what awaits inside.


Gregory Hubacek said...

Do that shit! Crack it open!

Jeremy said...

dude.... dont open that shit!

Delicious Design League said...

open that junk, glue it together, mount it on some wood and then go to your local post office and mail it to my address.

I need decorations for the new office.

Lexx said...

Do it for the children.

Edgar said...

Don't open it, no wait do it, do it!!

Anonymous said...

As a Leo and with Mercury presently in retrograde I demand Pandora's tin jigsaw be pried and pieced together, thereby allowing me to refrain from checking my horoscope for thine secrets shall be unveiled.

C-Rocka said...

Did you open it yet? If you haven't, wait, go on antique road show and see how much it's worth! Hahaha


Hi, Mike.

Sorry that this comment is not on-topic; I'd have sent you an email, but didn't spot an email address for you.

You seem like someone who might know the answer to this question, or know someone who would. This illustration seems like something that would be up your alley. Do you know who did it? I love it, and want to try to dig up more of his/her work.


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