Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beards by Tom Carnase

It's hard for me to make a claim like this, but this book cover for a pressing of Reginald Reynolds' 1949 book "Beards," might be my favorite type treatment ever. It's gorgeously drawn by Herb Lubalin's colleage Tom Carnase, it's funny, it's concise, it's perfect.


Jeremy said...

I concur

Gregory Hubacek said...


Ryan said...

So did Dave Eggers steal his 826Valencia design from this?

Will said...

Mike, I'm loving So Much Pileup, which I found today googling beards. (Feel free to use anything from A Journey Round My Skull, by the way.)

I had misidentified the person responsible for this cover on my blog (as Alan Peckolick, listed as cover designer), so changed it to Lubalin. Then I found this site which lists Harris Lewine as art Director and Tom Carnase as Letterer.

Do you have any more info?