Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dan Reisinger

Here's a whole bunch of design work from Yugoslavian-born and Israel-bred graphic artist Dan Reisinger. His ability to stylishly combine simple shapes and bright colors into wild geometric patterns with a seamless mix of Hebrew and English type makes him one of my favorite designers.

Logo for El Al Airlines, 1971.

Logo for the 14th Maccabiah Games, 1993.

Various posters from the late '60s through early '80s:


joe said...

i want a quilt made from one of these designs. let's begin quilting.

Sam's Myth said...

Great stuff.

Just got back to the states and catching up.

Jeremy said...

underline the seamless, this has blown my mind, love his color schemes too, so great.

Contricanis said...


Unknown said...

Sorry, but wasn't the El Al logotype designed by Otto Treumann?

David said...

The El Al logo reproduced on this webpage was designed by Dan Reisinger. It was initially created in 1971 (without the Israeli flag) as part of the FABULOUS color scheme Dan Reisinger created for El Al's Boeing 747. Logo was in black and yellow.

A few years later, Dan Reisinger added the Israeli flag and it became the official logo of El Al, mainly used in the two shades of blue of the airplanes' livery, as reproduced above.

Otto Treumann had designed the previous El Al logo in 1962. It was a fantastic logo, basically a black square with the El Al name in white inside and the famous sloped "A". A separate logo in Hebrew was also designed.

But Dan Reisinger had the absolutely great idea to combine the two logos into one symbol mixing Latin and Hebrew characters.

I know, however, that in many books and articles about graphic design, the bilingual linear logo of Dan Reisinger is presented as being "the El Al logo designed by Otto Treumann in 1963", but this is not correct.

Thanks for your attention......

David Weil, Geneva