Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hlava Rezatá, Noha Strakatá

Super shoutout to my designer / drummer / film enthusiast friend Sam Smith (Sam's Myth) for putting me up on this incredible children's book from the Czech Republic. He came across a copy in Japan and showed it to me when we were nerding out over design books during Thanksgiving break. This book, written by Vera Provazníková and illustrated by Jan Kubícek, was released in 1983 but has a distinct early '70s feel to it. Maybe it's because they weren't able to easily keep up with new design trends in the rest of the world or maybe it's because they loved these styles, but alot of Eastern European designers held onto the popular design and illustration styles from the early 1970s all throughout the '80s and I don't have a problem with that at all.

OK, now sit back and enjoy just a few samples from this great book:


Sam's Myth said...

You should post the spread with the dragon / hillside. Insane!

Christopher M. Sobieniak said...

Reminds me of the Czech cartoons I use to see from the 70's as well. It was nice they kept onto tried 'n true methods as long as they did.