Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Animal logos

A few weeks ago, Adam Garcia shared some of his favorite typographic logos from the Signs + Emblems book. I've been flipping through my copy of this truly remarkable book and found a great selection of animal-based logos worth sharing.

Larralde & Llosa (Argentinian design studio)

Jésus Emilio Franco (Venezuelan design studio)

Jésus Emilio Franco (Venezuelan design studio)

L to R:
Showa Denko by Yusaku Kamemura (Japan)
Krefina Bank by Robert Geisser (Switzerland)
Confectioners by Charles Dean (USA)

Ramsey County (St. Paul, MN) Humane Society, designed by Richard Stanley


Delicious Industries said...

Great book, one of my favourites.

Anonymous said...

Once again, this book seems to be amazing... but a bit more than I can pay for.
I'm sure someone nice will torrent it or something :D

Unknown said...

I really dig the top logo. Thats the hotness!

cairo said...

and one cannot forget the awesome old MN zoo animal logos. by lance wyman.