Wednesday, September 3, 2008

OPP: Aaron Draplin

If you're not familiar with the graphic design work and online presence of Aaron James Draplin, you're really doing yourself a disservice. Raised in Minnesota and now living in the lovely town of Portland, Oregon, Mr. Draplin has established himself as a true design powerhouse and an immeasurable source of '60s design knowledge.

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Now that you've familiarized yourself with the way he rolls, I'll pass things off to Aaron to let him show off some of the great gems he found while traversing the World's Longest Yard Sale earlier this summer. Take it away Aaron!

I grabbed these beauties on my "World's Longest Yard Sale" adventure a month back. Somewhere in Tennessee, if I remember correctly. The flea market we were at was a bit of a dud. Wasn't seeing much. All the way back in the corner of the dusty field, under a little tarp tent, I came up on an old codger with a little First Day of Issue envelope display. There must've been a couple thousand of the things neatly filed in wood boxes. I started flipping through, pulling out ones that caught my eye. I couldn't contain my excitement, just flat out "losing my shit" as I pulled out each beautifully-embossed gem. Interestingly enough, the price seemed to go up with each one I pulled out. They were a buck each when I started, and by the time I picked 10 of the things, the price was around four bucks a pop. Funny how that shit works. Usually, I'd go to war over that kind of pricing, but not this time. I just paid up and shook the guy's hand, happy as hell. I just wasn't gonna leave 'em behind.

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To see more of Aaron & friends' beautiful finds from the yard sale, click here here here and here.

To see more of Aaron's work and to keep up with his tremendously entertaining blog, visit:


Delicious Industries said...

Nice finds!

RasTroy said...

I think that clown is from Traverse City Mich.
Home of all roadies and carnies.