Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Olympics pictograms: Montreal 1976

So... you wanna see the symbols for the 1976 Olympic games? Well... there weren't any... at least, there weren't any new symbols designed. Instead, Otl Aicher's designs from the 1972 were reused. I guess that's more argument for the long-lasting staying power of his work!

However, Montreal's own Georges Huel did create this fantastic logo for the '76 games.

This is what a logo should be - it says so much with no excess at all. With just a few circles and "sausages shapes" (shout-out to Wezzburlesque for the phrase), you've got the eternally iconic Olympic rings, the three podiums for the gold, silver, and bronze medal winners, and an M for Montreal.

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Unknown said...

It's curious, especially given the '76 games were the ones following the disastrous '72 games, but this logo reminds me of the Photoshopped images, of a reconstructed WTC giving the finger to terrorists, that have circulated ever since 9/11. . .