Thursday, January 28, 2010

OPP: Jeremy Pettis gives us Tony Di Spigna!

Longtime Pileup reader Jeremy Pettis sent in these great examples of work from world class typographer Tony Di Spigna. Coming up in the 1970s working with Tom Carnase and Herb Lubalin, Di Spigna eventually started his own studio, Tony Di Spigna, Inc.

Here's a great pull-quote from the article...

"[Di Spigna] is amused by some clients who try to employ him on a sort of 'piecework' basis. If they have paid a certain price for, say, a four-word headline and they alter commission him to produce a two-word logo they will sometimes say 'But Tony, shouldn't it be half the price? After all, it's only two words.'

'These people miss the point,' says Di Spigna 'it's not the amount of words I'm charging for, it's the complete image.'"

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Jeremy said...

thanks for the shout out mike, keep up the awesome blog!

Ps. if any of yall wanna read the article or get a closer look dig around on my flickr. LINK

HJW said...