Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Emerald City

Just got back from a Labor Day weekend trip to Seattle. Burlesque crew was getting rid of posters and shirts at Bumbershoot. Pictured below are Ben and Jodi at our merch booth.

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After we had sold as much as we could sell, we kicked around Seattle for a bit, ate a zillion grilled salmon sandwiches and checked out a few record stores, antique stores, and the Pike Place Market. At the market, I found a little souvenir shop that was selling reproductions of this great poster for $5 each! I can't find any information on the artist other than his last name - Sandoval. The poster, entitled "Seattle Rain Barrel" is from 1979 and it's a winner.

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mturne24 said...

Ahh, Seattle my home sweet beautiful home.
I love the blog, please keep it up. I am bookmarking you so I can look and see what you've got everyday.