Monday, September 15, 2008

Woodn't Count 15

Cool math puzzle lying around the Burlesque office. I believe Wezz picked this one up at an antique store in rural Minnesota. The object of the game is to arrange the numbered tiles so that each row - horizontal, vertical, and diagonal - totals 15. I gave it a quick try and couldn't figure it out. Math nerds STEP UP.

The type and package design here are top ranking. What typeface is this? Type nerds STEP UP.

Click for larger view of instructions


Oscar said...

The body font is Kabel. I found a typeface in my Photo-Lettering book called Jazzbeau which looks a lot like the main typeface on the box. I can't find any mention of Jazzbeau anywhere else - or even a full character set in the book I have. If you want a scan, let me know.

MIKE DAVIS said...

Ah that's right - it totally is Kabel (the "Can you total 15?" type). The numbers look like Baby Teeth but definitely aren't. I'd love to get a scan of Jazzbeau. Please email me through my site and I'll send you something in return.

Thanks for the info Oscar,

a-ron said...

2 9 4
7 5 3
6 1 8

I'm apparently at the crossroads between accounting and bookkeeping.

MIKE DAVIS said...

Bravo A-ron. Nice work! Hey, you're from Jamaica Plain, do you know my dude Chris Devlin?