Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Even More Italian Logo Design

By popular demand, here are even more gorgeous logomarks, letterforms, and graphic structures created in Italy in the early 1980s with no particular client in mind.

Italian Logo Design
More Italian Logo Design


David said...

Dope! Nice post. So much good stuff from Italy. S.I.A.E stamp design, and a lot of those Italo disco labels. Bananas, Squish, F1Team, to name a few. I need to peep this blog more often, always good stuff.

Steve Mark said...

All design are very nice and beautiful.

susan parker said...

Different type of logo design, but your Italian logo designs are unique. I am impressed.

Advina Jones said...

these information are really good, i am impressed, creative Logo designing is not an easy work but you have done great job.

Amy Grace said...

Well these are very nicely designed logos and will sure work for corporate logo design I prefer no change at all. But the University is looking to make money off of a new design and that is the goal here, not preserving tradition.