Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Intellivision packaging

Everyone who knows me knows I'm all about classic video games. My dad got my brother and I hooked on Atari right when the 2600 was released and the rest is history. We never had Colecovision or Intellivision, so we missed out on a lot of games as well as their great packaging and accompanying artwork. As it went for just about every classic video game system, the lack of compelling graphics in the games necessitated compelling graphics on the packaging.

Here are a few Intellivision game boxes I came up on in a used game store recently. Really nice watercolor illustrations and classic late '70s / early '80s layout / collage style.


Umā said...

my brother and i had all of these and more (and i think they are still tucked away at his house somewhere). i haven't seen them in years, can't believe how retro they are!

Strath said...

That's dope, if I remember correctly the game console itself was cool looking too. I remember some military game that was just a bunch of blobs of color representing trees and stuff, and you would drive a tank around in it. Good times.

Moderator said...

The controller overlays were the type of minimalist masterpieces I have always held in the highest regard!