Monday, December 22, 2008

Judging Books by their Covers

In Philly, my dude Adam took me to this great used book store. We were buggin' over all of these dope book covers. The winner is clearly BACKGAMMON. Bright orange cloth with gold foil debossed Baby Teeth title and nothing else? Yes please.


Jeremy said...

looks like you were doing the same thing as me this weekend, except I was using a film camera that's film split. so I don't have any images, just sweet memories. good finds

Sam Smith said...

I should know this, but what's the name of the font seen on the Bathroom Game Book and Basic Statistics covers?

I really pushed for this font for the cover of the new Ben Folds album, but they went Neuveau.

The Pressure™ said...

Bookman Swash Italic?