Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Saul Bass & The Bell System

Designer Saul Bass is best known for his animated title sequences and promotional posters for movies. The work of his I admire most is his branding and identity systems. Throughout the 1960s and '70s, Saul Bass & Associates created dozens of fully fleshed out identities - not just logos, but entire visual dictionaries for airlines, food manufacturers, and, one of my favorites, the phone company. Here's just a taste of the cohesive branding system created for Ma Bell by Saul Bass starting in 1968.


Delicious Industries said...

Fantastic work! The Saul Bass exhibition at the Design Museum a few years ago was truly the best one I have ever seen. Shame they still haven't got round to printing the book yet!

mallory said...

Wow -- I had no idea he designed that bell logo. Amazing.

As for me, I really want that Saul Bass children's book.

And if you haven't seen this online virtual slideshow gallery of many of Bass' film title sequences, definitely check it out:


mallory said...

Oops -- this is Sam. I was signed in under my girlfriend's account accidentally. Word.

hello.cynthia said...

Amazing! You have such an amazing collection... aww,... how I miss you... I need to start thrifting and bookshopping so I can find goodies.