Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mais Logos do TV Globo

In this blog's inaugural post, I showed some logos from Brazilian TV shows O Grito and Loco Motivas which sparked some interesting discussion in the Comments section about the country's exhausting overuse of '80s style graphics well after they had gone out of fashion in the rest of the world. So as the mid-1980s rolled in and we in America were stuck having to deal with lame TV logos like:

...the people of Brazil were treated to well-conceived and stylized typographic logos which actually helped build the identities of their TV programs.

While this trend didn't suit everyone, it's safe to say that the logos from TV Globo's programs from the 70s all the way through the mid 90s suit me just fine. Here are a few. Thanks to my dude Chad The Toy Baron for hipping me to these!

PS - "Vamp" was an early '90s soap opera about vampires. That logo is too good to be true.


Bapt said...

Those are nice!!!
Hi Mike.

david renĂ³ said...

i guess i was 10 years old when this soap opera about vampires was on tv, it was a hit. haha
anyway, i survived and graduating in graphic design now.
the graphics from globo are part of the brazil's graphic history, but there are a lot of greater things

there are 2 books:
brazilian design before design

60's brasilian graphic design

unfortunely theres no information in english about it
but maybe i can help with something

sorry my bad english!
keep up the good work